The Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence ensures that the progressive community as a whole benefits from the experiments and lessons learned from the PMF’s investments. Through webinars, online portals, connecting experts with organizations, and a growing list of partnerships, the Progressive Multiplier Fund stays abreast of the latest innovations and shares its lessons learned with the progressive community.

Who Can Access the Center of Excellence?

The Center of Excellence is open to 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations and their consultants that work on the following issues: Clean Energy, Climate Change, Corporate Accountability, Criminal Justice Reform, Democracy/Voting, Disability Rights, Economic Justice, Education Justice, Environmental Justice, Gun Control, Health Care, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Human Rights, Immigrant Rights, LBGTQ Rights, Mass Incarceration, Minimum Wage, Neighborhood Issues, Protecting Medicare, Protecting Social Security, Puerto Rico Justice, Racial Justice, Refugee Crisis, Reproductive Rights, Gender Equity, Social Justice, Wilderness Protection, Women’s Rights, Workers Rights, and other progressive issues.

You do not need to be a grantee of the PMF to have access to these resources.

Steps to Sign Up for the CoE

  1. Sign Up – Sign up for the PMF mailing list to the right.
  2. Screening – All PMF mailing list subscribers are screened to ensure that they have the same progressive focus as that of the PMF and the Center of Excellence.
  3. You’re In – Once we determine that your organization is a fit, you will receive an invitation to the Center of Excellence (resource center on revenue generation).

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