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Despite growing attention on nonprofit sustainability and some investment in capacity building by a relatively small group of institutional funders, significant efforts to innovate and scale revenue generation and share best practices remain an underfunded capacity building blind spot. Considering the reality that 78 percent of nonprofits applying for grants have no written or specific fundraising plan to sustain their programs after the grant periods end and about half of all U.S. nonprofits are operating with less than one month’s cash reserves, the time is now for an intentional and substantive response from philanthropy.

The Progressive Multiplier addresses this need directly in pioneering new ways to finance and support scalable revenue generation projects. By focusing on small dollar mass market revenue generation efforts, we help organizations strengthen and scale the front end of their fundraising pipeline with more sustainable dollars from individuals who support their missions. Our team has substantial experience in the field of revenue generation and fundraising, and possesses a superior understanding of small donor fundraising, membership recruitment and retention as well as member benefit programs and revenue-producing marketing techniques such as sponsored content, and it specializes in risk management for investing in such programs. For every dollar granted through Progressive Multiplier’s Test Grant program, grantees are on track to earn $3.80 in independent revenue.

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To learn more, contact Bethany Maki, Executive Director via email ([email protected]) or 202.350.1918

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Funders and donors are looking to maximize their giving impact.

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, Funders & Donors

Progressive Multiplier uses our knowledge to identify compelling projects and distribute grants for maximum capacity building impact, and supports organizations as they grow and scale.

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, Funders & Donors

Insights and knowledge about revenue generation best practices and innovations filter back to both our grantees and our funders.


We’re grateful to our funder partners.

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“One of our most critical challenges over the next three years is to build a dynamic, new progressive financial engine to fuel growth and development of sustainable revenue from millions of new contributors, fee-payers and customers to support progressive organizations for decades to come.”

Keith Mestrich

Amalgamated Bank

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