Step by step instructions for getting points

The Center of Excellence has a leaderboard on the right side of the front page, and each person in the CoE is granted points. These are important for two reasons:

  1. Getting your grant. We review grant applications in order of the points earned by organizations collectively, then by date received. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more visible your grant application is to us.
  2. Getting more grants. When we learn more about your organization’s capacity and your expertise, you gain more points. When we see great funding opportunities that need a certain expertise and organizational capacity, we can reach out to those who match based on their shared info.

So how do you get points?

Points are rewarded for sharing information, engaging in the community, and being a thought leader.

Sharing Information About Your Organization

In the Center of Excellence, in the upper right, you can click on the drop-down beside your name, and you’ll see “My Account.” Click there, and you will receive five points for sharing each of your organization’s social media profiles in the top section or any of the fields in the “Fundraising Capacity” section below.

Engaging in the Community

The chart below depicts how you can earn points by engaging in Discussion on the middle of the page in the Center of Excellence.

Upvoting a post                     1 each

Sharing a post                        1 each

Mention someone                 1 each

Write a comment                  1 each

Get a comment                      1 each

Get an upvote                        1 each

Someone shares your post 1 each

Get a mention                       5 each

Ask a question                      10 each

Get an answer                       10 each

Answer a question               25 each

Mark an answer as best      25 each

Best answer to a question  50 each

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