Applying for Grants with the Progressive Multiplier Fund

Applying for Grants with the Progressive Multiplier Fund:

Please follow these steps to apply:

  1. Sign Up – Sign up for the PMF mailing list to the right.
  2. Screening – All PMF mailing list subscribers are screened to ensure that they have the same progressive focus as that of the PMF. Check our FAQ for more information.
  3. Webinar – Once we determine that your organization is a fit, you will receive an invitation to a 30 minute webinar, where we will discuss our funding priorities and the types of grants we offer. Please have the staff who would manage this program attend the webinar.  After you attend, you’ll receive an automatic invitation to the Center of Excellence.
  4. Optional Call – One you have attended a webinar, we will send you an email offering times for a phone call where you can ask follow-up questions or share proposal ideas.
  5. Application – After you attend the webinar, you will be able to create one or more applications through the Center of Excellence portal.
  6. Future Applications – Once your organization has access to the CoE, you can apply for future grants by logging in to the CoE here.