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The Next Evolution of Fundraising: A Discussion

The next evolution of fundraising after coming off of a boom year and pandemic.

Discussion with National Immigration Law Center – Immigrant Justice Fund (NILC-IJF), Organizers in the Land of Enchantment (Olé) and UltraViolet as they discuss the next evolution of fundraising after coming off of a boom year and pandemic.

Key questions for the panel include:

  • How is the shift from fight mode to work mode post-election affecting how you view your priorities and the revenue they require in the next year?
  • Throughout the pandemic and election season, many small dollar donors gave as rapid response or emergency donors. What are the opportunities and challenges to building a relationship with them? What support do you from philanthropy need to capitalize on the opportunities?
  • We’re in a new reality with this chapter of the pandemic. What are the long term impacts of the last 12 months on your work and your organization? What support do you need to navigate the new landscape?


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By Bethany Maki

As a grantmaker, consultant and in-house at some of the country’s most respected nonprofit organizations, Bethany Maki has built a 21-year track-record of developing successful integrated fundraising and marketing strategies, creating profitable new revenue opportunities, and delivering authentic donor experiences. She now serves as Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer for Progressive Power Lab and Managing Director of Progressive Multiplier.