Stand Signs up Email Activists via Facebook for $.64

Stand, a 501(c)(3) environmental organization, recently had an exciting breakthrough in their work to build their email list using Facebook ads. Many organizations pay $1.50 to purchase emails or $1.00 or more for new subscribers via Facebook ads. By refining their audience and testing several ads, Stand has been able to bring that down significantly to $.64 and continues to bring this cost down even further.

The Progressive Multiplier Fund is honored to be supporting Stand’s work through a recoverable grant to generate revenue for its campaigns. Stand advocates for a cleaner environment and does so by “challenging corporations and government to treat people and the environment with respect.”  Their work over the last twenty years has had great impact, ranging from changing the environmental practices of huge corporations, to protecting rain forests and forests around the world.

Stand’s recoverable grant focuses on recruiting people to join their email list via Facebook ads and subsequently raising funds from those subscribers via email. They achieved a major breakthrough by reviewing existing email list subscribers who take three or more actions, and loading them into Facebook. They then can find people who behave similarly in Facebook and advertise to those people. They have found that these acquired subscribers mirror the same engagement metrics of their original audience in terms of online activism. As more of these subscribers and target audience donate, Stand leverages Facebook’s machine learning capabilities to refine its look-alike model to advertise to people who are even more likely to donate.

While refining their target audience matters, the message and ad content matter just as much. Below are three of the top performing ads that they have used so far in their campaign.

You can read more about the incredible work that they do to protect the environment on their website