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GALEO: Adding a Donation Ask to A Statewide Survey

GALEO is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that focuses on increasing civic participation of the Latinx community and developing prominent Latino leaders throughout Georgia. They are currently conducting a statewide policy survey of the Latinx community across the state. With a grant from Progressive Multiplier, they add a revenue generation component to the survey. 

GALEO’s goal for the survey is to reach 50,000 Latinx residents in Georgia. They plan to not only share the survey results, but also the impact the learnings will have on their ability to move their mission. With support from the grant, they are including a monthly donation solicitation, and testing the messaging used to present the ask in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

GALEO launched the survey and the solicitation and are experiencing slow growth in donations. This fall, they are pushing the survey and a request for support via social media, on the radio, and in-person at a gala. They also have an email drip campaign planned for donors and non-donor survey takers in order to boost engagement. 

The organization hopes to convert approximately 5% (2,500) of the survey takers into donors, with 2,000 first-time donors giving $50, and 500 monthly donors giving $3/month. 

GALEO is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization based in Norcross, Georgia, founded in 2003. GALEO strives for a better Georgia where the Latinx community is engaged civically, and its contributions and concerns are recognized. 

This project is currently in progress; final results will be shared in a case study later.