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OneAmerica: Defining a Membership Program

OneAmerica organizes immigrant and refugee leaders and allies to build power in communities and runs campaigns to create a just immigration system, inclusive education for all, and a truly representative democracy. With a grant from Progressive Multiplier, OneAmerica is working to increase independent revenue by further defining and growing their membership program. 

Through this project, OneAmerica will explore the best recruitment and retention strategies for members. Ultimately, they plan to create a membership program that will raise $25,000 by year two, with the capability to be sustainable year over year and scale up based on potential size. In addition, they aim to have a donor retention rate of 75% in year two. 

To help their organizers feel confident in recruiting dues-paying members, OneAmerica will establish training requirements. Each organizer will have recruitment goals with benchmarks and tracking. In addition, they will invest in a cultivation process for new and existing members that ladders to a leadership committee. 

Through this effort, OneAmerica is working to achieve a culture shift at their organization around independent money generation. By increasing revenue, they can create a pipeline for mid/major donors, and more entry points for members who are engaged on multiple levels, including giving. 


OneAmerica builds leadership and organizes grassroots leaders and our allies in key areas in Washington state to push for policy change, mobilize civic engagement in our communities, and advocate for systems that welcome and include immigrants at every level.

This project is currently in progress; final results will be shared in a case study at a later date.