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PushBlack: Testing and Targeting to Grow Self-Sustainability

PushBlack, the nation’s largest nonprofit media platform for Black people, reaches 9 million subscribers with empowering stories on Black life and history across multiple platforms. By building trusted relationships with subscribers, PushBlack can encourage them to vote and take action locally. To continue elevating their work, PushBlack sought ways to achieve financial self-sustainability by maximizing subscriber donations. 

With a grant from Progressive Multiplier, PushBlack ran a series of agile tests to increase donations from its Facebook Messenger subscribers. PushBlack experimented with which stories should be coupled with donation asks — sharing various content about Black history and news – as well as updated donation button designs and donation form language. They tested these changes with 1% of their audience, then rolled out the winning tactics to a larger portion of their base. 

As a result of the testing, PushBlack saw a 68% lift in donations and a $300,000 increase in revenue. 

-Tariq Alani, Co-Founder, PushBlack

PushBlack is the nation’s largest nonprofit media organization for Black Americans, reaching 9 million people across multiple platforms. They tell empowering stories on Black life and history that inspire people to take liberating actions in the best interest of Black communities.