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Re:Power: Rethinking Engagement

re:power, is a pro-black organization that offers training and strategic support to leaders and organizations across the progressive ecosystem to build a liberated multi-racial democracy.  To build a new revenue stream after rebranding, re: power collaborated with Progressive Multiplier to engage previous one-time “emergency” donors who gave in 2020 in response to civil unrest and the growing Black Lives Matter movement. 

Early in the project, it was clear the initial audience wasn’t a feasible target for ongoing engagement, and the team quickly pivoted to look at alumni – 14,000 organizers who had paid a one-time fee to access training programs. They further refined the audience by regularly targeting alumni, regularly opening emails, and demonstrating an ongoing interest in re: power’s work. 
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With Progressive Mutlipier’s strategic assistance, re:power tested messaging and channels to find the most effective way to communicate with this group. As a result, they discovered that email had a high response rate, and saved money by adding alumni to fundraising emails, rather than creating a separate stream for them through direct mail. They saw the same rate of return from the alumni in three months that they usually see in a year. 

The project's success has transformed re:power’s work: They are creating a paid alumni program that will allow for deeper and more long-lasting engagement with this group as investors in the mission.

re:power is a team of organizers, strategists, and technologists dedicated to building transformative political power with Black, Indigenous and People of  Color (BIPOC) communities. re:power directly addresses the lack of infrastructure and capacity by creating spaces for people to show up, learn the skills they need, and create the change they want to see through building power together.