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Climate Mobilization Project: Events To Launch Giving Circles

The Climate Mobilization (TCM) is building power for a national transformation that rapidly restores a safe climate and creates a just and democratic society. To further its mission, TCM uses a grant from Progressive Multiplier to engage giving circles and establish relationships with major donor networks through two new hybrid events. 

While launching this project, TCM underwent a major organizational transition, which drastically reduced its staffing and streamlined its mission and programs. They delayed starting the project, giving them time to update their messaging around the changes and to get feedback from donors and stakeholders. 

TCM hosted its first virtual giving circle with 11 attendees, raising $21,000 at the event and through peer-to-peer campaigns and gifts launched by circle attendees. They took the learnings from this event and tried different structures for their upcoming circles. 

They are preparing for their next event by working with hosts to build their invitation lists to recruit new major donors and their networks to TCM. The organization plans to cultivate these relationships so that the donors will become advocates for TCM and will leverage their own networks as supporters as well. 

TCM expects to raise $100,000 by the end of the grant period and $200,000 over three years.   


The vision of The Climate Mobilization is a safe climate, democratic society, and just economy where all communities and the living world flourish for generations to come.

This project is currently in progress; final results will be shared in a case study at a later date.