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Progress Florida: Reimagining Small-Donor Programs

Progress Florida is a nonprofit organization promoting progressive values through digital organizing, media outreach, and collaboration with Florida’s leading progressive organizations. With the support of two grants from Progressive Multiplier, they engaged in strategic efforts to build their small-dollar donor program. 

Determine baseline performance indicators through Facebook ads:

To establish a cost per lead, cost per new donor, and a conversion rate for their donation page, Progress Florida used the first grant to launch a series of lead-generation petition ads through Facebook. By targeting a donor-lookalike audience and an action-lookalike audience, they could measure the performance of the two audiences against each other and industry standards. Once donors were served an ad and clicked through to sign the petition, they were immediately redirected to a donation page with an ask to give. 

Redesign donation form to capture new leads.

To convert more leads from the Facebook ads into donors, Progress Florida used a second grant to redesign their online donation form. They experimented by adding video to the form and testing that against a non-video version. The donation form with video yielded more donations and a higher average gift. In addition, immediate follow-up emails to further cultivate these supporters primed them to give: In two months, Progress Florida raised 41% of their lead acquisition cost from this audience.

Progress Florida advocates for progressive policies and holds elected officials accountable by empowering citizens in their communities.  They’re fighting for social justice, economic fairness, reproductive freedom, strengthening public education, health care reform, environmental protection, and more.