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United Women of Color: Diversifying Digital Fundraising

United Women of Color (UWOC) empowers girls, women, and their communities by uniting people across ethnicities to address civic and educational gaps for advancement. With a grant from Progressive Multiplier, they are launching an income generation program that includes their current e-commerce site, a monthly giving program, and SMS to support their revenue goals. 

UWOC will market new merchandise on its e-commerce site three times a year, coinciding with symbolic dates and activities relevant to its mission, such as Black History Month in February, Women’s History Month in March, and Juneteenth. In addition, they will promote a monthly donor program that targets social media followers with incentive opportunities while utilizing SMS to solicit donations and deploy push polls for specific calls to action. 

UWOC has selected its e-commerce platform, launched its first line of merchandise, and plans to sell it at an in-person event. Those who make a purchase will be targeted with follow-up asks. Overall, they are forecasting revenue of $50,000 from this project. 

United Women of Color exists to provide opportunities for advancement and equity through educational programs, civic engagement, and the provision of community resources to fill gaps of need.

This project is currently in progress; final results will be shared in a case study at a later date.