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Citizen Sisters Holding Equity: Monetizing Their Mission

Citizen SHE (Sisters Holding Equity) United is a social service organization based in Louisiana that champions the rights of Black Women and their families. To build power and community toward greater change, Citizen SHE is investing in narrative storytelling campaigns that feature income generating toolkits, continuing legal education (CLE) trainings, and consulting services. 

This project maximizes the organization’s staff skills and grows their mission while raising funds to increase their resiliency outside of grants. Citizen SHE has developed pitch materials and assets to sell their consulting services, with nine pending requests. In addition, they have developed their CLE training and a coordinating marketing strategy; they have an initial contract for $15,000 in services. These trainings guide participants in navigating representation through a lens of awareness of the specific impact race and gender has on our judicial system, including the impact on colleagues of color. 

Citizen SHE is hiring a consultant to further develop their film license marketing plan. They already have $1.5 million in film pitches pending. For each film they produce, they will also create toolkits to encourage discussion around the issues presented in the films for schools, corporations, and groups. 

Consistent with Citizen SHE’s mission, this project is a reinvestment in social infrastructure for systemic change. They expect to raise $100,000 through this effort. 

Citizen SHE conducts and shares programs that encourage Black Women to raise their voices, learn about their community, and take action to improve our society. These include checking voter registration, civic engagement activities, polls, surveys, and many others.

This project is currently in progress; final results will be shared in a case study at a later date.