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Fair Count: Converting Volunteers Into Monthly Donors

Founded in 2019 by Stacey Abrams and anchored in Georgia, Fair Count works to build long-term power in communities that have been historically undercounted in the decennial census, underrepresented at the polls, and whose communities are often torn apart in redistricting. Fueled by a grant from Progressive Multiplier, they are developing a campaign to solicit and convert current and new volunteers into sustaining donors, establishing a reliable revenue stream independent of any traditional funder. 

Fair Count will launch a monthly giving program using social media, email, and direct outreach by staff, targeting volunteers who previously signed up for phone/text banking and events. Volunteers who become monthly donors will also be asked to invite others to join after a certain amount of time. With this project, Fair Count will continue to deepen their relationship with their community and the people who have invested in the organization. 

The staff lead on the project left the organization while it was in process; there has been a pause until the position is filled. Through this effort, Fair Count expects to add approximately 1,000 monthly donors and raise $248,000 over three years. 

Fair Count is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to partnering with Historically Undercounted Populations (HUP) communities to achieve a fair and accurate count of all people in Georgia and the nation in the 2020 Census, and to strengthening the pathways to greater civic participation.

This project is currently in progress; final results will be shared in a case study at a later date.