The Northwest Funder Collaborative is a program partnership dedicated to supporting BIPOC-led 501(c)(4) organizations in raising independent funds and advancing equity in Oregon and Washington. 


The Problem

Organizations working to build power to advance equity, fair access, and better health outcomes in Oregon and Washington lack investment to scale their (c)(4) fundraising programs and capacities.  

501(c)(4) organizations have the remarkable potential for systemic change through advocacy and lobbying, striking at the root of societal issues.

During the partnership's pilot year (2021 - 2022), we explored what support BIPOC-led 501(c)(4) organizations in this region need to raise independent funds.  

In addition to revenue generation training available to all power-building groups affiliated with the funder partners in May 2022,  Progressive Multiplier awarded subgrants to PCUN, Unite Oregon Action, and Imagine Black in June 2021 to test various revenue generation tactics.

According to 501(c)(4) organizations, independent revenue generation results in: 

  • Sustainable organizations
  • Quicker access to funds
  • Not having to spend valuable staff hours on grant applications and reports
  • The ability to pivot
  • Community ownership of the work
  • Freedom

Raising Independent Revenue As a (C)(4)

Our second phase of this partnership includes expanded grantmaking and capacity-building opportunities, including a learning cohort for emerging 501 (c) (4) organizations and revenue generation seminars for all power-building groups.

Subgrantee Cohort

These organizations received grants to experiment with revenue generation to build the capacity to scale their fundraising programs. They also receive 1:1 strategic assistance throughout the grant period.


Training and Learning Cohort

These groups will receive custom toolkits and capstone trainings:

  • Ebony Collective
  • Next Up
  • Coalition for Communities of Color
  • Rural Organizing Project
  • Basic Rights
  • PPA Oregon
  • Oregon Futures Lab

Training seminars will cover topics such as the Nonprofit Industrial Complex & The White Supremacist Roots of Fundraising, Organizing Deep Base Through Membership, Monetizing Existing Programs and other Earned Income Strategies, and more.

About our Funder Partners

Yarg Foundation: The Yarg Foundation is a private family foundation that supports nonprofit organizations in social and environmental justice, human rights, and economic opportunity. They aim to empower marginalized communities to achieve greater equity and create a more just society.

Gray Family Foundation: The Gray Family Foundation is a private family foundation that supports nonprofit organizations working to protect the environment, advance education, promote the arts, and improve the quality of life in Oregon. Their mission is to create positive change and make a lasting impact in their communities.

Northwest Health Foundation: The Northwest Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization advancing health equity in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Their mission is to improve health outcomes by addressing social determinants of health, promoting equity, and empowering communities to lead and advocate for change. 

Ronald W. Naito Foundation: Ronald W. Naito Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2019 by Dr. Ron Naito in Portland, Oregon. The foundation provides global grants to mitigate the climate crisis, reduce health disparities, and promote social equity and environmental sustainability. 

Meyer Memorial Trust: Meyer Memorial Trust is one of the largest private funders in Oregon, accelerating racial, social, and economic justice for the collective well-being of Oregon’s lands and people.

Oregon Community Foundation: The Oregon Community Foundation aims to transform generosity into exponential impact. The foundation aims to create lasting, transformative change by stewarding donors' priorities into strategic giving. By leveraging the power of philanthropy, this organization believes in positively impacting the lives of individuals and communities throughout Oregon.