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Hello! It's an absolute pleasure to introduce myself. I'm Johanna, the latest addition to the incredible family at Progressive Multiplier. Having stepped in just a month ago, I am thrilled to share that my initiation into the team was nothing short of remarkable. I recently assumed the inaugural role of Senior Director of Impact and Growth, a position that sits at the very core of the evolution our organization is undertaking.  

In the coming months, I will be implementing broad-based growth strategies to boost our independent revenue and enhance our brand's presence within the progressive landscape. A plan that's been six months in the making, intentionally designed by our executive director Bethany Maki and grantee alum turned consultant Maria Tchijov.

But what's this plan about, and how does my role fit into it?

  • Waging a narrative change campaign to show what happens when we do and don’t make sustained and substantial investments in revenue generation and the catalytic capacities at its core.
  • Building a coalition of like-minded organizations to work on building the collective case of philanthropic investment in capacity building.  
  • Conducting agile revenue generation experiments to bring in our own independent revenue so that we can scale to meet the movement’s need for our mission. 
My first month here was especially memorable, and in my first week alone I had the chance to participate in an immersive Board and Staff Retreat experience. There, alongside exceptional leaders within the progressive world and with the expert guidance of a seasoned nonprofit executive coach and facilitator, Hadar Harris, we envisioned the future, identified opportunities for growth, and strategized how Progressive Multiplier can direct essential funding to where it is most critically needed. This experience was pivotal in grounding myself in the broader picture of what we are trying to achieve. The level of inspiration and engagement I witnessed was truly extraordinary– all in my first few days in this new role!

Following the board discussions, I had the unique chance to meet my new colleagues in person at a Staff Retreat - Progressive Multiplier is a 100% remote based team. It went beyond mere introductions; I was able to appreciate the significant impact their expert fundraising skills have had on the progress of our movement. My appreciation for my new Progressive Multiplier family is immense, acknowledging their dedication and the energetic, sincere dialogues that drive our cause forward.

I feel privileged to play a part in our collective journey for a more equitable and just society. It's a role that fills me with both humility and excitement. Over the next several months I’ll be digging into part one of my work and will have the privilege to shape how we tell the story of Progressive Multiplier and all of the work that our team is doing to help scale the progressive movement.    

The excitement is real, and I am eager to share how Progressive Multiplier is reshaping the narrative and operational framework for progressive nonprofits and igniting a vibrant shift in the philanthropy landscape.

But this is just the beginning. Over the next several months, Progressive Multiplier is set to reveal a new organizational structure and growth plan - this is an exciting era for us. I will be working hand in hand with my team as we seek to exponentially grow and diversify our revenue to have a meaningful impact on the broader movement. 

I invite you to join us on this journey, as we work together to support scaling the movement to meet today’s demands of it. 

Here are a few ways to stay connected with us as we share our updates over the coming months:

In this pivotal time of growth and transformation, staying connected with Progressive Multiplier becomes more than just following an organization; it's about becoming part of a broader narrative that aims to redefine how philanthropy funds progressive movements. By staying up to date on our work and our stories, you'll gain insights into cutting-edge strategies that shape the philanthropy landscape and learn firsthand how collective efforts can create an outsized impact.

This isn't just our story to write; it's an invitation for you to join us in shaping a future that aligns with our shared values and aspirations. By following our progress, sharing our stories, and participating in our events, you're contributing to a powerful movement towards a more equitable, progressive world. 

About Johanna:

5-Mar-13-2024-01-50-25-5845-PMJohanna is a seasoned Marketing & Partnership Strategist with a profound commitment to children's rights and combating human trafficking. With over ten years of expertise, she’s led global brands, propelled brand growth and strengthened customer connections through innovative strategies. Johanna's skill set encompasses content creation, lead generation, social and influencer marketing, and leveraging multiple platforms to amplify brand visibility and revenue.

Adept in digital strategy and fundraising, she skillfully implements growth strategies that extend across social media, email marketing, SEO/SEM, and more. Johanna's career is a testament to her versatility, combining professional achievements with a steadfast commitment to yoga and meditation. These practices have been vital in her personal and professional balance, especially navigating corporate America as a BIPOC woman. Johanna brings a holistic perspective to her work, embodying resilience and creativity in her multifaceted role.