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Evolving Beyond Early Funding

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In our latest webinar, our amazing panelists got into the details of what makes grassroots movements truly impactful and what's needed to build progressive power. 

The big takeaway? Trying new ways to generate revenue and diversify funding gives groups more control over their work, helping them bet on themselves and take the risks needed to win.

The conversation highlighted the need for more infrastructure and flexible resources to create strong vehicles of belonging, reframe civic engagement, and reimagine the metrics of power-building success. It's not just about money— it's about creating a sense of togetherness and empowerment within our communities. 

As panelist Prentiss Haney said, 

“Strong vehicles of belonging create the condition for people to take action together,” 

That's what the future of our democracy should look like.


Through our Realizing Democracy program, we work with groups focused on building people's power and organizing-centric initiatives. Here are a couple of key initiatives: