Learn. Grow. Repeat.

Ideas and inspiration for a thriving progressive movement.

The next evolution of fundraising after coming off of a boom year and pandemic.

A look at the uneven revenue generation effects of the pandemic on progressive nonprofits

These groups are testing revenue generation techniques that could make a real impact on movement sustainability

Ten nonprofit organizations have begun working on independent revenue generation experiments

Fundraising successes of PM grantees, PushBlack, It Starts Today Missouri, and People’s Action during the election.

The $15 Million pooled fund will provide progressive organizing and advocacy organizations financial and technical support for revenue producing projects

Wearing a mask

Gara LaMarche is  president of the Democracy Alliance, Philip Radford is executive director of the Progressive Multiplier Fund, and Sonal Shah is professor and executive director of …

Stimulus Project

Holly Hall Originally printed in Inside Philanthropy As the coronavirus pandemic grinds on, more than a dozen foundations have established the …

Join us for a conversation on a new approach to revenue generation and the launch of the Progressive Stimulus Project

Can we sustain ourselves? That was the question Gabriel Solis, Executive Director of Texas After Violence Project (TAVP), was asking …

What is our new normal going to be? As I’ve talked to fundraisers across the nonprofit sector, from those working …

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